Many More Doors

I’ve been shooting a lot of doors since I established the Doors Gallery. I found some of the best doors in the Soulard district of St. Louis and in Galena, IL. It’s amazing, if you take the time to look, what a tremendous variety of doors exists and how their conditions range from pristine to barely held together. My favorites are the old, ornate, multi-panel doors that have been restored and painted in attractive colors. With this post, I’ve added 35 new door photos. Some are average, some good/unique, and three of them I really like. They’re shown here. It’s fun photographing doors and they’re rather easy to find. ;)

This door is a work of art, located in the Soulard district of St. Louis.

These ancient doors are the entrance to a cheesecake factory in Galena, IL. The lighter pattern at the bottom makes me wonder what was attached at one time.

There was no sign on the building that owns these doors in Galena, IL, but they hold some of the most distinctive glasswork I've seen, outside of a church.


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